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Garlic is family of onion located Shandong Province, we nearby Jinxiang which is famous as the capital of Chinese garlic. We are very strict on collecting, storing and processing garlic, thus we have formed our serious processing system and quality inspection system after more than 16 years of experience and also have many professional processing workers in factory. We have enough experience to be sure good quality, pack any size, variety and package garlic to meet any special requirements for different customers.  

Garlic flavor is strongest when the cloves are squeezed and their juice extracted, slightly less strong when the cloves are grated or finely chopped, even less strong when the clove are merely sliced, and mildest when whole unbroken cloves are used. In addition, the longer garlic is cooked, the milder it becomes.          
Garlic contains significant amount of vitamin C, calcium and protein. It is also rich in potassium, phosphorus, iron and zinc. Medicinally, it is believed that garlic can reduce blood pressure and cleanse the blood of excess glucose. It is also said to alleviate flu, sore throats and bronchial congestion.  

· Pure white garlic         
· Normal white garlic                 
Size: 4.5cm – 5cm / 5cm-5.5cm / 5.5cm- 6.0cm / 6.5cm – 7cm / 7cm up                  
Package: Mesh bag / paper carton with mesh bag/ braid garlic